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NixCon 2019

25-27 October
Talks Discussions Hacking
160 people / 80 for Hackday


NixCon is a community-oriented conference for contributors and users of Nix and NixOS. It's about sharing experiences, inspiring people and discussing future development.

We would like to learn about how you use Nix and NixOS in your organization and what you are currently working on.

The growth of NixOS as a project brings its own challenges and we would like to know how you think the user experience can be improved and how NixOS can be scaled.


Call for Participation

The Nixcon 2019 CfP is now closed.

Program - 25-26 October (Fri/Saturday)

Have a look at the program.

We will have plenty of space for talks and socializing. During the conference days we have three rooms. On big room with enough space for everyone and two smaller ones for a subset of all attendees.

Hackday - 27 October (Sunday)

The Hackday is a self-organizing event after the conference. It's an opportunity to network, hack on projects and ideas that arose during the conference, and discuss plans for the rest of the year.

The location is the same as the conference but with just one room and a different table layout, limiting the number of attendees to 80 people.

Venue Interior
Venue Interior
Venue Interior
Venue Interior
Venue Exterior
There's also a Discourse thread containing some useful information to get around Brno.


Please contact the orga team if you are not able to attend because of fund restrictions. We would like everyone to be able to attend and have some funds available to sponsor tickets and travel.

If you have any questions see our FAQ or contact us.

Contact us

For conference updates, or Track us on Discourse.

For any questions, send us an email to orgateam (at) . We will respond within 24h.

The organisers also hang on #nixcon on FreeNode:


We thank the following organizations for their generous sponsorship*, which made NixCon 2019 possible:

* If you want to become a sponsor simply book a sponsor ticket.

Gold Sponsor

contextflow revolutionizes the medical information search process via deep learning: our 3D image-based search engine for radiologists finds regions of interest within images; when a suspicious pattern is detected, we immediately provide visually similar cases & and reference information helpful for diagnosis… within seconds.

Curious individuals wanted:

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Mayflower provides battle-tested software engineering teams as well as consulting concerning infrastructure and agile methodologies. We love and embrace Open Source by contributing to the projects we use on a daily basis.

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Founded by compiler writers, mathematicians and distributed systems experts, Tweag is an Everything as Code company. We apply the software engineering mindset to operations, data science, company structure and software engineering itself. Nix is key to our vision and we have over a dozen active Nix contributors on staff.

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Mutable is a Public Edge Cloud. Mutable works with infrastructure providers including cable and telco companies to give developers access to compute as close to users as possible. Providing low latency, secure, distributed compute and networking. Our core is built with Nix and NixOS, we actively contribute. Join us

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Obsidian Systems builds custom software solutions for clients from the aerospace industry to blockchain, and everything in between. We use Nix for everything! Reproducible builds, declarative deployments, and a highly expressive package language mean we can maintain rock-solid stability while remaining agile and responsive to client needs.

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At relationalAI, we develop novel Artificial Intelligence technologies to solve complex business problems. Many of these problems do not lend themselves to consumer-oriented AI methods. Our technology exploits the rich interdependencies and structure inherent in every business to deliver results that are orders of magnitude better than traditional AI and machine learning.

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Whether it is our managed services offering or consulting services, we at omniIT provide technical expertise and take responsibility for the smooth operations of your IT. Our goal is to provide the same high-quality results every time. Therefore Nix/NixOS is the perfect match for us with its high-level abstractions and reproducibility.

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Serokell is a software research and development company that love functional programming, scientific methods, and open source. Our work is to write perfect code. Our hobby is to create software that solves the most complex business tasks. Our mission is to popularize functional languages by showing what results you can achieve by using them.

Gold Sponsor

IOHK is on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency research and development. IOHK is the first blockchain company that has gone through rigorous academic peer review for our papers and has taken a formal methods approach to developing software. On the DevOps side, nix is a perfect fit for the company and it's used everywhere from our CI build systems to end user deployments by 3rd parties.

Silver Sponsors

Silver Sponsor

Automated hosted infrastructure for Nix, reliable and reproducible developer tooling, to speed up adoption and lower integration cost. We offer Continuous Integration and Binary Caches.

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PDT Partners is a leading quantitative investment manager, based in New York and London. Our investment success is driven by rigorous research, cutting edge technology, and a disciplined focus on risk management and trade execution. Technology is fundamental to our business, and we blend our own proprietary software with advanced open source projects like Nix.

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Packet is the go-to cloud partner for today’s leading developers, empowering SaaS companies and Fortune 100’s alike to make infrastructure their competitive advantage with automated bare metal that can be deployed anywhere.

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